Whine choosing for dummies

If you’ve been wondering about how to choose the right bottle of wine for your evening or special occasion, there are a few different factors that you could consider. Indeed, finding a high-quality bottle of wine can be challenging, and it’s even more tricky to find that one perfect wine variety for your needs! Luckily, though, there are a few things you can consider finding the correct type of wine!

Main meal course

Our team recommends making your wine choice based on the menu if you have a specific meal in mind. It will be easier for you to decide which type of wine would suit you better by using our sorting option based on the meal. You’ll be able to find the wine that would support your food’s flavour better than the other. We made this choice easier and predefined for your convenience.  

It indeed essential to accompany your dish choice with a suitable wine option. For example, having dinner with friends or family with various food options could require several different bottles of great Italian wine to accompany each meal course individually and compose a tremendous flavoured composition. 

It can differ in colour as well, and you can quickly start with some light white wine and complete your dinner with a deep flavoured red bottle. This is a common practice. 


Regardless of your meal choice, you would have to decide whether you want a red or a glass of white wine, rose or sparkling. Indeed, these vary considerably in both flavour and texture, so consider this another important step. Each group could provide some options you can choose from based on meal course or occasion. Sometimes it’s just up to you to decide what suits you best tonight – white or red, still or sparkling… So, use our colour-based or type-based filters and see what’s inside. 


You also could think about the type of flavours you enjoy in a bottle of wine. Different wines have subtly different flavours, which may go better or worse with certain types of meal. Therefore, make sure you consider the subtle flavours you want to experience from your chosen wine!


Invariably, one of the most critical factors is to make sure you’ve picked a fine bottle of wine that’s been made by artisan winemakers. For example, our range of premium quality Italian wines was made by Bacci Wines, experts in the winemaking industry and who pride themselves on creating top-quality wines with the finest ingredients for the most affordable prices possible! As part of this, you should also consider whether you want an Old World or a New World wine, as we briefly explained already.

Fortunately, finding a high-quality bottle of wine doesn’t need to be hard, and our team is on hand to help. So, if you need any advice on finding the right bottle of wine, contact us today; we’ll do our best to help you find the ideal wine solution for your occasion, whatever it might be! In case of any trouble making your choice, you can also consult with us directly through the Whatsup chat option provided. 

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