Underwater Wineries

The Rise of a New Wine Storage Method

When we think of things that have been buried under the surface of the waves for years, thoughts of shipwrecks holding treasures untold come to mind. However, a new trend is taking the world by storm at the minute, and that is the underwater winery. Indeed, while ancient treasures can be found from the hulls of long-since-buried shipwrecks, delicious and exquisite bottles of wine are also being given the same treatment nowadays to help them hone their flavours and aroma create a genuinely unique bottle. 

The Origins of Underwater Wine Aging

While the concept of ageing bottles of fine wine underwater might seem absurd, there’s a perfect basis for this. Indeed, the reason why innovative wineries are now choosing to age their wines underwater is a simple one: it’s a tried and tested method that’s added a whole new level of complexity to wines. Wines discovered as part of the shipwrecks mentioned above have been tenderly brought back to the surface, and the flavour of these wines is simply second to none.

Why Wine Aging Underwater Works So Well

Ageing wine is carried out in a wine cellar – that’s a pretty generic winemaking fact and something that even most children know. So, how come wines can also be aged well under the surface of the waves, which in themselves can seem quite an inhospitable environment?

Well, the answer to this lies in the nature of the sea. Indeed, the seafloor has a few specific features that make it great for ageing wine. These include:

  • Cool temperatures that remain very even and consistent throughout the year
  • Low vibrations – there’s very little disturbance below the surface of the sea 
  • Protected from sunlight by the water and the depth at which the wines are stored

These are just a few of the benefits associated with storing wines underwater. Of course, there are some drawbacks and challenges too, and winemakers considering this innovative wine ageing method naturally need to consider whether they can meet these requirements.

The Challenges With Underwater Wine Storage

While underwater wine storage can offer a tremendous amount of potential, emboldening a bottle of wine with unrivalled flavours and aromas that cannot be replicated on land, there is a cost. Quite literally, in fact. Submerging a crate of fine wine to age on the sea bed requires teams of specialist divers, and the wine must be handled with extreme caution and care to prevent breakage. For those winemakers who can pull this feat off, however, the potential offered by underwater wine storage is phenomenal.

A New Take on the Traditional Wine Cellar for Bacci Wines

Bacci Wines, a Tuscany-based Italian winemaker, is well known for the premium quality of its fine wines. Many of these wines are available for the Singapore market through our team, too! And, as part of their endless quest to further enhance the quality of their wines, the team at Bacci have invested heavily in creating their own underwater winery. Their chosen destination was the seabed at Talamone. Nine thousand bottles were submerged there on June 9th 2021, to begin this exquisite ageing process.