Italian Wine vs New World Wine – What Makes Them Different?

In our previous article, we clarified substantial differences between winemaking techniques. Let’s talk more about the winemaking methods. 

Italian wines are referred to as Old World wines. Meanwhile, wines from other countries around the world are considered as “New World Wines.” But what does this mean, and what is the significance in terms of winemaking methods?

Characteristics of Old World Wines

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of “Old World wines”, such as those produced in Italy. As the name suggests, Old World wines are often created using more traditional winemaking recipes and techniques.

In short, Old World wines were the original artisans of the humble wine, and they know everything that there is to know about how fine wines should be made. Old World wines are generally made in smaller batches, using less intensified methods and more careful, skilled mixing.

That’s not to say that New World wines can’t be made to high standards, of course. Moreover, not every single bottle of Italian wine will be guaranteed as Old World wine. But, with that being said, when buying a high-quality bottle of Italian wine that’s been made by expert winemakers, you can usually be sure that it’s been made to the finest and most tried and trustworthy Old World standards.

Common characteristics of Old World wines include having a lower alcohol content and higher acidity while also featuring more minerality. In addition, old World wines are usually made to an exacting standard that’s unlike any other method!

Characteristics of New World Wines

New World wines have become vastly popular as a production method in countries where wine has been imported. That is to say, New World wines are usually made by countries that did not come up with winemaking methods themselves and have hence adapted these practices to suit their own climates. As a result, these wines commonly have much higher alcohol contents and lower acidities than Old World wines. Usually, they feature more robust fruit flavours and less emphasis on the subtle minerality of the wine.

Because of this, New World wines (though still delicious, don’t get us wrong) often don’t offer the same level of quality and refinement as an artisan bottle of fine Italian Old World wine.

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