Best Sofa Wines for Smoother Lockdown in Singapore

Lockdowns have been a significant drain on all of us, but they’ve been a necessity for defeating the Covid-19 pandemic. However, just because we’re in lockdown does not mean that we need to give up on all of our luxuries in life – and that’s why today, we’ve picked our top four picks for the best sofa wines you should try for. Smoother gathering restrictions in Singapore! After all, we all deserve a little bit of luxury these days, and what better way is there to relax and put your feet up than with a delicious bottle of rich, artfully created red wine?

Why Red Wine is the Ultimate Lockdown Wine

Studies have found that many of us have been turning to a bottle of wine to get us through the time during lockdowns. As part of this, we’ve come up with a shortlist of the best sofa wines for your Singapore lockdown time, which should help make the process a little easier. 

It’s not going to replicate a trip out with friends, of course, but something’s better than nothing – and there’s also the perk of getting to choose the exact brand of wine you want. So, indeed, don’t we deserve the best wine possible while lockdowns are in force and keeping us apart?

The Perks of Red Wine for Lockdowns

Fancy treating yourself to a delicious bottle of wine to enjoy on the sofa? If so, then red wine should be your tipple of choice! There are a few essential reasons for this; of course, the delicious rich taste of a fine bottle of red wine is worth considering, but that’s not the only reason why we recommend a choice of red wines for the best lockdown wines! Indeed, there are actually a few notable benefits of red wine that should be considered here. These include the following points:

Research has shown red wine may be effective for protecting good health. Indeed, because red wines – when made from fresh, high-quality, and nutrient-dense grapes at least – contain cell-protecting polyphenol antioxidants. These particular compounds may be effective for helping to reduce inflammation, lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, and improve heart health. What’s more, these compounds may also help you lengthen your lifespan due to the health benefits.

And so, considering red wine as your sofa wine of choice may be a good option. But where should you begin the search for the best sofa wines in Singapore? Well, don’t panic because our team has come up with four top picks that could be the ideal choice for your lockdown needs. All are surprisingly affordable without compromising on the quality of the wine!

Our Top Picks for the Best Sofa Wines in Singapore

Lockdowns are taking their toll, but our top picks for the best sofa wines should help take the edge off! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best bottles you could try for your lockdown wine needs. After all, a great bottle of wine can make or break a meal – and it’s fair to say that a delicious bottle of wine could give you an excellent boost for your happiness, too.

#1 Castello di Bossi – Chianti Classico DOCG

Firstly, our list of the best Singapore sofa wines is the Chianti Classico DOCG from the Castello di Bossi winery, a unique wine mainly characterised by its vibrant, deep purple colour from the Sangiovese grapes it’s made. The wine is aged 12 months inside traditional Slavonian oak casks or barrels, and it is a medium-bodied wine with a well-balanced palate.

The wine is well-defined and deep and has intense fruit aromas, with hints of cherry and berries. The scent of the wine is enhanced by pleasant, mild spice notes and aromatic herbs, which gives it a well-balanced flavour overall. A very drinkable finish makes this wine a popular choice for many applications.

The wine is ideally suited to many different types of meal, including T-bone steak, lasagne, Bolognese, and stuffed peppers. However, the wine is incredibly versatile, making it perfect for many applications.

#2 Renieri di Montalcino – Regina di Renieri IGT Toscana

Ruby-red in colour and solid aroma, the Regina di Renieri IGT wine is made from 100% Syrah grapes, grown on the winery itself. This particular wine is minimal, with only 6,000 bottles being made every year – so it’s certainly one to treasure. The wine has won high ranking awards and is considered one of the 100 best wines in the world. So, then, what better way to relax during lockdowns than with this delightful wine? 

Syrah grapes create delicious wines that are highly popular in the Singapore market, and the wine itself is famous for its subtle nuances. The wine opens with solid flavours of blueberry and mulberry, which are then infused with subtle notes of aromatic spices from junipers and pepper. Finally, leather and tobacco notes provide a more grounded and steady base for this wine, giving it a long and flavourful finish that’s highly sought after among wine connoisseurs and home wine lovers alike. The ideal choice for a sofa wine during these lockdowns!

Regina di Renieri IGT is ideal for many meals, and the unique blend makes it incredibly versatile. Commonly, it serves as an accompaniment to roast lamb or BBQ ribs, but it is also an excellent choice with long-aged, mature cheeses.

#3 Renieri di Montalcino – Invetro IGT Toscana

The two wines we have mentioned thus far have been made from just a single variety of grape, but for something a little more intense and bold, why not try the Invetro IGT wine – a highly affordable, succulent, medium body wine that’s made from a blend of grapes including merlot, cabernet, sauvignon, and Sangiovese. It has a clean finish and features fruit, most notable of which are cherry and strawberry.

The wine is an excellent choice as a wine to complement most descriptions; indeed, any meal that would go well with a glass of red wine will likely complete the Invetro IGT. This is further enhanced by its affordability; in short, you won’t find another wine with the same quality and complex flavours for the same price.  

What’s more, the wine is very light compared to some, meaning you don’t need to worry too much about consequences the next day. Indeed, this wine is excellent, thanks to its limited next-day effects compared to some. It allows you to properly enjoy the wine without limiting yourself to just a tiny amount. This is achieved thanks to the tightly knit but non-aggressive tannins in the wine, which help ensure crispness and well-balanced acidity. Make the most of the time to chill out on the sofa with a wine that you won’t end up paying for the following day!

 A unique feature of this wine is its glass cork, instead of an ordinary wooden cork, which ensures that the wine doesn’t lose any of its incredible flavours when it’s resealed. Since it’s a medium body wine, it doesn’t need time to aerate either, so you won’t need to panic about getting the wine open long before you serve it; when you get the urge for a glass of delicious wine, you can jump straight in!

The wine is ideally served with dishes including aperitif moussaka, ramen, grilled vegetables, spicy foods, and the like. However, it’s highly versatile and can primarily be filled with any meal! 

#4 Renieri di Montalcino – Rosso di Montalcino DOC

Last but not least is Rosso di Montalcino DOC, a 100% Sangiovese wine with a medium body and a light finish; the ideal everyday sofa wine for the Singapore lockdowns. It complements the vast majority of meals thanks to its unique flavours, aromas, and chemistry. Despite being made from a single grape, the wine features a complex flavour combination on the tongue, with succulent sharpness that many people enjoy. The excellent transparency of this ruby-red wine help provides exceptional sophistication and richness. 

The wine is ideal with many dishes, especially those with a lump of meat or fish-based, such as roast chicken, fresh pasta tortellini with meat sauce, or an assorted fish soup. Its light finish helps ensure it won’t detract from any dish, and incredibly, it can even be served alongside pizza – not many wines can boast of this without ruining the overall meal!

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. Today, we’ve taken a look at our list of the 4 best lockdown wines for Singapore. We’ve carefully selected these wines based on various factors, including their availability in Singapore, affordability, and flavour combinations. We’ve also factored in the types of dishes they can be served alongside, so you can be confident that your chosen bottle of sofa wine will be a perfect accompaniment to your favourite dishes too!