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Marco Bacci (Italy) – one of the Top winemakers in Tuscany, Italy, who owns three exceptional wineries in the best-known appellations of Tuscany.

Marco Bacci one of the top Italian winemaker
Renieri Brunello Di Montalcino


Brunello Di Montalcino

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Terre di Talamo

Terre di Talamo

Morellino Di Scansano Maremma Toscana

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Meet the man behind the scenes

Marco Bacci grew up in Tuscany, where wine always accompanied a fine meal. His family owned a large jean manufacturing company, and as expected, he joined the family business.

He bought the Castello di Bossi wine estate on the border of Florence and Siena in 1983. Bacci loved spending time in the countryside, learning about wine, the soil, and the vines.

He made his first wine in 1985: a Super Tuscan blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. He was proud, but Marco knew the wine didn’t reflect the quality of the vineyard. He needed to focus on wine 100% to achieve the excellence he dreamed of, so he quit the fashion business. “It was more than 20 years ago I decided to change my life,” he says.

He bought the Renieri estate in Montalcino in 1999 and Terre Di Talamo in Maremma Toscana in 2000, so he could make wine in Tuscany’s three premier appellations. Unlike many owners, Marco Bacci is very hands-on in his 200 hectares of vineyards. With his son Jacopo by his side, he’s constantly working to make sure the organic vines are happy and make decisions in the cellar to create great wine.

The Grapes Team (Singapore)

THE GRAPES company represents Bacci Wines in Singapore. We are welcome you at the official online boutique of the fine wines produced by the Bacci family in the best appellations of Tuscany for many centuries presenting the world best grapes and wines!

The Grapes company

Our mission is to bring exceptional wines from the heart of Tuscany directly to your table here in Singapore. Each bottle of wine is just like music; sounds specifical every moment of your life. Some bottles will make a perfect accompaniment for your family dinners, some will make an atmosphere on your special occasion day, and some are real godsends for the wine connoisseurs. Whatever you are looking for, we are here for you to find a perfect match!